Bio Detox  

An effective way to release toxins in the body through the feet £30.00

Have a universal contour wrap and receive a Bio Detox for £10 instead of £30 or receive a Dermalogica prescriptive facial for £25 instead of £35. 

Body Treats  

Dermalogica Body Care
Full Body Scrub £30.00

Full body scrub and back, neck and shoulder massage £55.00

Dermalogical Back Facial £30.00 

Ideal treatment for stress. Including face and scalp massage with warm oil               £55.00
Universal Contour Wrap
A fanatastic inch loss treatment involving wrapping the body in bandages that have been soaked in sea clay

1 Treatment £70.00
3 Treatments £190.00
1 1/2 Body Treatment £40.00

Reflexology                                                     £45.00 Reiki                                                                £40.00
Indian Head Massage                                     £30.00
Hopi Ear Candles                                             £30.00
Crystal Healing                                                £15.00 

Ayurvedic Treatments Abhyanga                                                        £50.00 Shirobhyanga                                                  £30.00
Nahbi Abhyanga                                              £30.00
Hip & Thigh Wrap                                           £45.00
Pinda Swedish Massage                                 £50.00
Pregnancy Massage                                        £50.00