Beauty Clinic - Lashes & HD Brows
Lashes and Brows 

Individual Lashes
Full set of individual lashes £65.00
Corners £25.00
Infills (first 30 minutes) £28.00
(£5 for every 15 minutes thereafter) 

Party Lashes
Full set £27.00 

Strip lashes
available to purchase £various
(add £5 to have your strip lashes expertly applied) 

LVL Lashes

LVL enhances your natural lashes, giving you length, volume and lift without the need of any glue, mascara or false lashess.  The results last up to 8 weeks and are gentle to your natural lashes. A patch test is required.  

LVL Lash Treatment including lash tint £54.00+ FREE maintenance appointment (lash tint)

HD Brows

A unique 7 step brow shaping treatment, leaving you with the ultimate well groomed, high definition eyebrows.
High Definition perfect brows £35.00
Follow up appointment £28.00